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Salesforce revolutionised the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software industry in 1999 with their cloud-based CRM solution now known as Sales Cloud. Since then, they’ve evolved into one of the world’s most innovative companies, engineering cloud computing solutions for companies worldwide to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.

Innovative solutions like Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud work seamlessly with Sales Cloud to give you a 360-degree view of your customers; improving customer service, generating more leads, and increasing sales.

Salesforce Platform helps you create apps at the speed of Lightning, while solutions like IoT Cloud and Wave Analytics allow you to harness the power of your data.



sales cloud


Want a big jump in revenues? Blaze your trail with the world's #1 CRM platform for sales.

Grow accounts, find customers, and close deals faster. The path to success starts here.

Give reps the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

Make CRM data work harder for reps. Sales Cloud Einstein is artificial intelligence that learns what separates deals won from deals lost, and highlights top leads and next steps.

Accelerate sales productivity with a lightning fast console.

Whether you’re a rep in the field or you prefer to work inside your email inbox, now you can do more with AI, automatic data capture, and business process automation. All in one console.

Get more leads and make them sales-ready.

Nurture leads so they’re ready to convert, then automatically route them to the right reps at the right time. Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, easily.

Close more deals, faster.

Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Best practices and in-line intelligence help move deals along faster.

Make insightful decisions with up-to-date data.

With Salesforce, information is in one place so it’s easy to prioritise and make quick decisions. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it.




service cloud

Support customers everywhere with the service platform that keeps the conversation flowing.


Today’s customers want faster, more responsive service across every channel, and on any device — and they want it now. Service Cloud Lightning empowers your agents with a complete set of productivity tools to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized
customer service for every customer anytime, anywhere.

Close cases faster with the help of AI and automation.

Help your support agents solve customer problems faster by putting the right tools at their fingertips — all from one console.

Provide faster, more intelligent self-service.

Build self-service communities. Give your customers access to the answers they need to solve problems on their own terms and timeline.

Personalise customer care and predict needs.

Get more insight into your customers’ behavior so you can personalise service and predict future needs. Even provide conversational service with live messaging.

Drive service productivity from the call center to the field.

Improve your mobile service operations and deliver connected, intelligent, more personalised service from the phone to the field on one platform.




Smart. Powerful. Connected.


Forge a faster path to success with easy-to-use marketing automation and lead-generation tools.

B2B marketing automation by Salesforce.

Grow faster with smarter engagement.

Accelerate your sales cycle by giving sales the intelligence they need to close deals, faster. Identify your best leads, track engagement with campaigns, improve follow-up speed, and combine the powers of marketing and sales to turn leads into customers for life.

Build meaningful relationships.

Take the manual labor out of lead management by putting your most common marketing and sales tasks on autopilot. With automated lead qualification and nurturing, you can free up sales to focus on what really matters: bringing in new business.

Generate high-quality leads.

Fill the funnel with high-quality leads using a suite of powerful marketing tools. Easily create landing pages and forms, run highly-targeted email campaigns, and personalise the buyer’s experience from click to close.

Calculate marketing ROI.

Take winning from an art to a science. Track campaign performance with customisable dashboards to better understand which programs are working, how your two teams are contributing to success and what needs to be done to crush your revenue goals again and again.



community cloud

Steer toward team success with communities.


Transform the way you engage partners, customers, and employees.

Build communities to fit your needs.

Connect and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees. Build a community for everyone critical to your business ecosystem, from agencies, vendors, and suppliers, to patients, job applicants, and even retail locations.

Provide stellar customer service.

A Customer Community helps customers help themselves and each other. Create a rich self-service experience with our online community software, allowing service agents to focus on complex issues.

Accelerate your sales channels.

A Partner Community connects resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. Partners can find information and experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, enabling them to close more deals more quickly.

Connect your customers.

Build deeper customers relationships with a Customer Community. Customers can interact with each other, provide feedback, share their enthusiasm for your brand and product, and even purchase in the community.

Drive employee productivity.

Harness the power of our online collaboration software to create a social, mobile, and branded Employee Community. Enabling employees to find the information they need keeps them engaged and productive.