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why sage Business Cloud + glic tech

why choose Sage business cloud + glic tech for Professional services?

Think not just of the accountancy solution, make sure you have the right implementation partner.

  • We’ve been with Sage Business Cloud from the start.

  • We have the most skill

  • The most consultants

  • The most projects under our belt


sage for the people!

Our buyers come from scale-up businesses usually with 10-200 employees. They are expanding quickly and have likely outgrown entry-level accounting solutions. They are looking for the right solution for today that will grow with the business for tomorrow!


Finance Manager

Ensure the continuous financial health of the business

Engage in strategic conversations with business leaders

Contribute to financial results and growth

Business Owner.png

Business Owner

Max growth potential with confidence in cash flow

Integrate all business aspects and maintain a holistic view

Operational efficiency and productivity across the business

Project Manager.png

Project Manager

Maximise project resource utilisation.

To efficiently manage the entire project life cycle

Enhance customer satisfaction with consistent + project governance

IT Manager.png

IT Manager

One reporting solution across one Platform

No more duplicated data sets with all working from the one data set

A Platform certified to the highest security standards


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Case Study

Domestic & General is a Dublin Property Support Services.

D+G is a long established and much-respected facilities services company within a competitive industry.

See how Glic Tech helped to bring Domestic & General to the cloud + scale their business with the power of Sage Business Cloud and Krow.

White Paper

White Paper: “You are what you measure”.

In this white paper we explore:

  • The problems with traditional business metrics.

  • Better analytics in action: Clients, cash flow and capital.

  • Doing it better: How to transform into a metric-driven business.



Join our webinar.

In our webinar our panel of experts from Glic Tech, Sage + Krow, along with our real life business success stories, will share their secrets to scaling your business + controlling your overheads, along with providing common sense cloud solutions for your business.